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8th November 2014
Every child makes their mark
21st July 2015

Whisky October Whisky!

RIAT came to us with a problem. Sales of merchandise for their Royal International Air Tattoo were extremely poor. In fact they had loads of old stock gathering dust in the storeroom. The brief was clear; increase sales by 33% over the previous year.

Our approach was to go back to basics. Traditional versions for the grown-ups, colour and graphics for the youngsters and no mention of the date, so that stock can also be sold the following year. We also wanted to make the merchandise unique to RIAT so we created an idea around the NATO phonetic alphabet and adapted the letters to feature the RIAT logo’s typographical quirks.

The client was delighted. Everything we suggested was put into production and the figures were amazing. An increase of 40% year on year – Whisky October Whisky!





And the show itself was incredible; very noisy but incredible.