18th November 2017
Southampton Airport
23rd May 2017


Air has worked with NAAFI since 2003 when our first job was to promote retail sales around the Rugby World Cup. Since then we have totally immersed ourselves in the NAAFI brand, helping them deliver ‘a taste of home’ to the British Armed Forces and their families when overseas.

To overcome this we went back to basics in order to educate both staff and consumers as to what NAAFI is and why it exists. The original NAAFI crest was dusted down and redrawn in order to truly resonate with the Military customer and an internal staff campaign was followed by a consumer version to tackle the issues head on. We asked the very questions that consumers wanted answering; Is NAAFI expensive? Where does the money go? Who owns NAAFI?

And the results were amazing. Over a year later, people were still correctly recalling the facts and NAAFI’s approval rating had gone up hugely.

As a spin-off we were asked to redesign NAAFI’s tea packaging. Despite selling over 30,000,000 cups during WWII, sales were tailing off badly in recent years. We discovered that the phrase NAAFI BREAK was used as a matter of course across the entire Armed Forces, as a name for the morning and afternoon tea break. It was even being used in places where NAAFI didn’t operate. This looked like perfect Air Space, so we reclaimed the phrase and applied it to a retro style brand that generated a 1200% rise in sales over the first 12 months.

We were nominated for two awards for our NAAFI BREAK work; The CIM Marketing Excellence Award and the Design Week sponsored, Benchmark Award. High praise indeed!




July 3rd, 2017


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