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11th October 2016
Enham Trust
11th September 2016


Luvdup is a new app for couples, enabling them to monitor the balance of their relationship with tongue firmly in cheek.

Air created the app branding and style-guide to reflect the quirky and irreverent nature of the brand. Darker colours in vertical stripes are used to indicate a negative score with brighter colours in horizontal stripes portraying a positive one. As the user’s score moves up and down anywhere between +100 to -100, the users heart changes colour to reflect their likely mood.

Want to know what your partner would like for their birthday or for Christmas? With luvdup you can keep a record of what you love so that you partner can see at a glance. Save web links and you might even receive a gift from your partner that you actually want.

Luvdup will remind you of these important dates and any others you wish to set up, such as anniversaries, and you can also record your clothing sizes. Now there really is no excuse.

Life isn’t always straightforward so if your score is looking bleak and you need to earn a few points, we have some suggestions and resources to help you out. From a free virtual gift to something more impressive, it’s all just a few clicks away.


Luv Dup


Sept 20th, 2016