Southampton Airport identity
16th December 2015
To Flybe or not to Flybe?
4th June 2016

When Air was asked to take a look at DFDS’ onboard branding, we were keen to communicate to passengers simply and effectively. On a very short crossing from Dover to France there is little time to move around the vessel and decide on which outlets to visit. So we suggested removing the outdated sub-brand approach and presented a more navigational, icon-based idea.

This communicated that all outlets belonged to the master brand and each outlet was named to encourage action. The use of simple icons and colourways also had the advantage of overcoming potential language barriers. The colours come from DFDS’ extensive pallet and give an opportunity to sign-post outlets and accessories such as trays, cups or bags throughout the vessel.

The client was delighted with the approach and we’re very proud of it.