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22nd May 2018
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2nd October 2018

One night in 1989 Selwyn Image was volunteering at a soup kitchen in Cambridge.

One homeless man shot down every idea that Selwyn had to help him get his life back on track. Increasingly frustrated, he asked: “Well, what do you want?” The man responded: “I would have thought that would have been obvious to an intelligent man like you. I want somewhere where I can work, where I feel I belong, and where I can recover my self-respect.”

And so, the first of the 30 UK Emmaus communities was started in Cambridge. The very first ever community was started in Paris in 1949 by former French Resistance fighter, priest and politician Abbe Pierre. The Hampshire operation is  proud to be part of the wider Emmaus International community of 350 communities helping over 11,000 people live better through meaningful work and a stable home. Emmaus isn’t connected to any religion, but the name comes from a shared hope in the Bible story, set on the road to the town of Emmaus. Walking to Emmaus two despairing men, shocked by the Crucifixion, are told by a stranger to trust in a better future.

And Emmaus offer just this by offering a job and accommodation to the homeless. Working together for the common good delivers great restorative powers and much in the way of a financial, social benefit – every £1 is turned into £11 worth of value.

Air were asked to update the Emmaus website so that it was visually straightforward, easy to use and amend, and conveyed a sense of optimism. So we set about fully utilising the colour pallet and created a simple grid layout to increase flexibility. The site was built using WordPress and a comprehensive audit of content was followed by a concentrated period of photography, content loading and testing across devices and browsers. Suffice to say, it’s all live and working at and the client is very pleased.

Let’s hope it makes a difference to the this charity and their excellent work.