Guernsey flights really take off
23rd September 2015
Onboard branding to boost sales
17th March 2016

Great news for Air as we see our new Southampton Airport branding being rolled out. It has been a while in the works but the feedback we’ve had throughout the process – from the client, their new owners and customer research groups – has been really positive.

We took something of a gamble on this project, pitching an approach that challenged the client brief and it has really paid dividends. Once we had the notion of translating the SOU airport code into SO U (so you) in our heads, it was difficult to shake the feeling that it would really work. Only Southampton Airport can make this claim, so we’re looking for them to own the idea of personalised, customer service at airports. And it also helps staff to understand the focus of the business – the customer – articulating a common goal for all to follow.


The identity itself includes a rework of both the logo and a Breeze graphic device to tie in with the line ‘It’s time to Breeze Through… Southampton Airport’. With the time taken for passengers to move from the terminal entrance to their gate at under 20 minutes in all cases, the speed and convenience was pinpointed as a major benefit to communicate. We also incorporated the silhouette of a plane that actually lands at Southampton. The branding has been created in four colourways to add flexibility and to reference the variety of passengers travelling through the terminal.

An initial soft launch has taken place with critical signage and collateral being replaced with the new mark. And discussions are now under way as to how the sentiment behind SOU can be incorporated into future materials…

Southampton Airport’s Marketing Manager says “I was very impressed by how the team at Air tackled our brand refresh. They understood the brief but were brave enough to challenge certain parts of it. We are certainly delighted by the results which were described as ‘iconic, confident and professional’ during our research sessions. The new identity builds on the old one and really differentiates Southampton Airport from its competition. We are sure it will be a great asset as we continue our aim to become Europe’s leading regional airport.”