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4th June 2016
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25th September 2017

Social Enterprise rebranding

A branding project with a difference was given to us by one of our clients recently. Enham Trust has several Social Enterprises, all working as commercially viable small businesses that also employ Enham clients. These unique, niche businesses provide a vital service to Enham’s client’s helping them to achieve independence through employment and they enable disabled people to contribute to the community and build confidence, self esteem and career prospects.

Across the four companies involved, branding was very patchy and there was little consistency across the range of businesses. There was also very little to link each business back to the main charity. A new approach was required that worked for each business in its own right but also presented them as a group of businesses belonging to Enham Trust.

Here are the set of logos before we started work;

In order to improve matters we used the main Enham Trust logo idea of overlapping shapes, and set about creating relevant versions for each of the diverse businesses; furniture manufacture, gardening, third party logistics and a radio station. We also proposed an Enham Social Enterprise version of the main brand which will sit with the Social Enterprise logo on all materials.

Here are the resulting set of logos. A much better and more co-ordinated approach we think.

The result is greater professionalism and a visual approach that encourages better storytelling, vital in explaining the importance of such businesses. Branding has already been applied to websites, uniforms, stationery and vehicles.