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21st July 2015
Southampton Airport identity
16th December 2015

Guernsey flights really take off

Air was very excited to be asked to look at increasing the number of passengers travelling from Guernsey to Southampton Airport. The brief was pretty open but previously local press advertising, via the Guernsey Press newspaper, had been used to limited effect.

So we set to work, researching the island and its demographics, in order to come up with a new communications strategy. With a population of around 62,000, there are only 26,372 properties on Guernsey so we suggested that the addition of a direct mail campaign would improve the impact of press advertising and allow us to expand on the Southampton Airport message.

The previous creative thought had been to promote Southampton Airport as ‘The London Link’, competing directly with the London airports, but whilst this certainly works as a message, we felt it ignored many other benefits of using the closest airport to Guernsey as an access point to the UK. The attractions of Hampshire and the South of England were being overlooked, as was the ease of access to the UK rail network.

Our designs looked to break down these messages into simple bite sized chunks, a technique we used not only on the Direct Mail. The advertising team at Guernsey Press were very helpful in allowing us to run quarter page display adverts across four consecutive pages and we also created animated gifs for online banners in a similar way.



Press advertising covered the month of July with the mailing drop taking place mid-July. We sourced the data and fully managed the project from design through to fulfilment and mailing using our reliable partners.

And the results were fantastic with an increase of 53% in traveller numbers from Guernsey for the month of August, as reported by ITV News.

Our contact at Southampton Airport was pretty pleased too: “I was really happy with the way that Air Creative worked on this project, converting Guernsey passengers from larger London airports is one of our top priorities this year and we were delighted with the results.”