A very uplifting weekend
25th September 2017
An emotional connection
12th December 2017

When FSDP asked us to help them recruit more disabled scholars to learn how to fly, we were instantly grabbed by how impressive these people are. Disabled or not, it takes great courage and no little skill to take control of an aeroplane and reach for the sky. So we were determined that he scholars would be the heroes of our campaign.

In our usual style we heading straight for the elephant in the room. Plain speaking, direct talking, whatever you prefer to call it, we wanted disabled people to quickly realise that they could achieve something that might at first seem impossible in the face of adversity.

To make this even more targeted, we highlighted some of the key disabilities that scholars have overcome in recent years. This enabled us to target Facebook activity at specific groups and we’re pleased to say that the results have been brilliant. At the last count applications have increased by over 300%.

As a fascinating spin-off, we also managed to generate front page news in the Sun newspaper, when Facebook refused to run the adverts. Great exposure for the charity which lead to a number of new contacts and donations. Of course Facebook weren’t too happy and they not only then approved the adverts, but also donated £5k of advertising budget to FSDP. Result.