Time to reach for the sky
5th November 2017
A Bespoke rebranding
4th January 2018

We are extremely proud of our recent work with FSDP, a brilliant charity who help disabled people to learn how to fly.

In common with many UK charities, the challenge of raising money is very real. We recently produced a campaign to recruit new scholars that received widespread acclaim and national press coverage. With applications up 300%, FSDP’s focus turned to improving their approach to fundraising.

One of the main issues that we identified was that potential donors feel that it’s an expensive luxury to teach anyone to fly. So we wanted to explain what it really means to scholars to have had this fantastic experience. As you’ll hear in the resulting videos from Mathew, Bethany and Tom, this wasn’t just about learning to fly. It was very much about helping people to realise that they can achieve things that might seem impossible.

Since their scholarships, Mathew has started full time work, Bethany has completely changed her view about her condition and Tom has found some of the freedom he lost after his accident. These are powerful stories and video is a fantastic way of showing the emotion and making a connection with viewers.