An emotional connection
12th December 2017
Introducing our new Air Website
11th January 2018

Air has been working with Bespoke Training and Development on a rebrand of their highly rated company. Bespoke work with many Blue Chip companies, specialising in Pharmaceutical, and have had great success over the years in growing their business based on delivering training that actually works.

Bespoke’s clients seem to agree that they really listen to their needs and deliver compelling courses that engage and delight in equal measure. Much of the feedback they had gathered from clients centred on how Bespoke are involved in all aspects of the strategy and really listen before they take action. They also are very involved in helping clients to measure the results, critical in building accountable, long-term, and effective business relationships.

Using our Archetypes for Branding system, we delved deeper into the DNA of the business to find a personality that truly reflects their approach – something that makes them stand out from the crowd. We quickly settled on MENTOR, as it fitted well with the friendly arm around the shoulder that they seem to provide to clients and their people. But something else was needed. After debate with all involved we added the ALCHEMIST to the mix which adds that bit of magic, and highlights that creating change for individuals and businesses is the ultimate goal.

Translating this to the creative approach, we needed a brand that combined the feel of ‘solid and reliable’ with ‘personal and dynamic’. The new logo delivers this by adding a simple device in the letter O to a solid, authoritative and modern typeface. The O changes colour to reflect the many different types of individual that Bespoke affect with their training. The four colours also reflect the main personality types that a specific training exercise reveals: Yellow = SUNNY, Red = FIERY, Green = AMIABLE, Blue = ANALYTICAL.

To consolidate this positioning, we also developed the strapline; Engaging. Inspiring. Transforming. This highlights that Bespoke Training & Development undertake a process that delivers results.